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Vocabulary Word

Word: adamant

Definition: hard; inflexible

Sentences Containing 'adamant'

At the centre of the island there is a chasm about fifty yards in diameter, whence the astronomers descend into a large dome, which is therefore called _flandona gagnole_, or the astronomer’s cave, situated at the depth of a hundred yards beneath the upper surface of the adamant.
Baker and del Toro were adamant about the design resembling the make-up created by Jack Pierce, but Romanek went through thousands of concept art.
But it looked at me over the head of Red Whisker, and I was adamant.
But Nicola is adamant that he should remain part of society and be taught the skills to cope with the world around him.
Flood compared the collective effort of "Violator" where the band would contribute as a whole, and while there were disagreements it was in recognition that it was for a greater good, whereas in the making of "Songs of Faith and Devotion", the band members were highly adamant of their own individual ideas, leading to considerable tension.
For, if the town intended to be destroyed should have in it any tall rocks, as it generally falls out in the larger cities, a situation probably chosen at first with a view to prevent such a catastrophe; or if it abound in high spires, or pillars of stone, a sudden fall might endanger the bottom or under surface of the island, which, although it consist, as I have said, of one entire adamant, two hundred yards thick, might happen to crack by too great a shock, or burst by approaching too near the fires from the houses below, as the backs, both of iron and stone, will often do in our chimneys.
He remained adamant and his mother had started to cry.
However O'Doherty is adamant that his magazine will not encourage young children to "sleep with their boyfriends by providing How-To-Pleasure-Your-Fella features".
However, the British Government remained hostile to Zaghlul and the nationalists and adamant in rejecting Egyptian demands for independence.
However, when Coppola got his hands on the script, he was adamant that it be set in the same time period as the book, from 1945 to 1955.
In 2010, the band signed with Vigilante Music/Adamant Records.
In the film, the Carringtons, a British couple, are spending their honeymoon in Monte Carlo, where they are pestered by a young detective who poses as a fledgling artist. Caspary pointed out that unless the action of the movie were set before the First World War, the whole point she wanted to make in the novel about women's dependence on men—and Bedelia's deviant ways of circumventing that dependence—would be lost in the film, but Goldsmith was adamant.
In the last on-court televised interview, Federer was adamant that he would not stop at thirteen, describing such a scenario as "terrible."
In this cave are twenty lamps continually burning, which, from the reflection of the adamant, cast a strong light into every part.
It is hooped round with a hollow cylinder of adamant, four feet yards in diameter, placed horizontally, and supported by eight adamantine feet, each six yards high.
Jim Tarbell, "the most adamant and voluble opponent" of Gray's plan, warned that it guaranteed the persistence of Over-the-Rhine as "a predominantly black enclave of poverty and despair," but City Council ignored him, believing the plan was a compromise.
K-Pop was suggested but David was adamant that they use only English songs for the new mix.
Otto Neurath was adamant that a socialist economy must be moneyless because measures of money failed to capture adequate information regarding material well-being of consumers or failed to factor in all costs and benefits from performing a particular action.
Richard "Dick" Lewis Blinder was an architect and adamant supporter of historical architectural preservation.
She is adamant that Elliot wouldn't understand her decision."
She is so adamant that she takes Mr. McFeely's bicycle and refuses to return it.
She remained adamant of her identification of Cousin.
The bottom, or under surface, which appears to those who view it below, is one even regular plate of adamant, shooting up to the height of about two hundred yards.
The stone cannot be removed from its place by any force, because the hoop and its feet are one continued piece with that body of adamant which constitutes the bottom of the island.
This magnet is sustained by a very strong axle of adamant passing through its middle, upon which it plays, and is poised so exactly that the weakest hand can turn it.
US support for Israel, particularly under Truman, and Quwatli's adamant opposition to Zionism was a further source of tension.

More Vocab Words

::: touchstone - stone used to test the fineness of gold alloys; criterion; standard
::: chaffing - bantering; joking
::: lunatic - insane; Ex. lunatic asylum
::: impersonal - not being a person; not showing personal feelings; Ex. impersonal force/manner/organization
::: matriarch - woman who rules a family or larger social group
::: misdemeanor - minor crime; misdeed; wrongdoing
::: ploy - strategem to gain an advantage; tactic; Ex. management ploy
::: cascade - small waterfall
::: vindictive - disposed to revenge; vengeful; out for revenge; spiteful; intended to cause harm; malicious; Ex. vindictive streak
::: mischief - behavior (of children) causing trouble with no serious harm; damage; harm; Ex. mischief to the crops; ADJ. mischievous: causing mischief; playfully troublesome