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Vocabulary Word

Word: acrimonious

Definition: stinging; caustic; bitter in words or manner; N. acrimony: bitter ill-natured animosity in speech or behavior

Sentences Containing 'acrimonious'

According to a former roommate of Hunter, the dispute became so acrimonious that it caused a rupture of all contacts between Hunter and his father.
According to reports, the acrimonious break-up occurred over a dispute over t-shirts.
Carl Ross left the Ross Group after an acrimonious board room struggle in 1965 and, as a direct result of this, Imperial Tobacco gained control in September 1969; the company had offered £47.5 million for Ross on 6 August 1969.
Despite Kabal's acrimonious split from the organization, Kano (with the help of Shang Tsung) restores Kabal's health, but his lungs are damaged beyond repair, resulting in Kano outfitting him with his signature respirators and face mask.
Giuliani and Hanover finally settled their acrimonious divorce case in July 2002, after his mayoralty had ended, with Giuliani paying Hanover a $6.8 million settlement and granting her custody of their children.
He had an acrimonious relationship with the composer Max Reger, of whose compositions he usually had negative opinions.
He played his final league season with North Adelaide, having left Woodville in acrimonious circumstances.
He won the September 1989 Republican Party primary election against business magnate Ronald Lauder, in a campaign marked by claims that Giuliani was not a true Republican and by an acrimonious debate.
Huiswoud found himself a supporter of the Left Wing Section of the Socialist Party during the acrimonious factional war of 1919.
The team played out of the 24,000-seat Charlotte Coliseum, known affectionately as "The Hive", and would lead the league in attendance for several seasons before an acrimonious fall out with owner George Shinn triggered a number of events which led to the team relocating to New Orleans in 2002.
The use of the name Funkadelic resulted in an increasingly bitter and acrimonious legal dispute with Clinton's organization, which would only serve to accelerate the disintegration of Parliament-Funkadelic.
There followed a long and acrimonious legal battle, with the New York Court of Appeals finally deciding on April 2, 2009, that CNEV did not qualify as valid challenger, and that the GGYC was thus the rightful Challenger of Record. Dispute.
Whether he kept a watch over himself, or whether by accident he did not sound the acrimonious chords that in other circumstances had been touched, he was to night like everybody else.
With the series now described as the BBC's flagship cinema review, Norman's departure to Sky was said by "The Guardian" in 2002 to have been "seismic", and due to its nature and timing, his exit was described as being acrimonious.

More Vocab Words

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