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Vocabulary Word

Word: acme

Definition: peak; pinnacle; highest point

Sentences Containing 'acme'

"Shir Hashirim" was reviewed in 1935 by "The New York Times": At the Acme Theatre.
"Something Wrong?" is available online at Acme Filmworks.
A long established talent agency - Acme Talent Literary - provides two top agents, Adam Lieblein (President) and Greg Meyer to add focus to the show, without being seen as "hosts."
ACME is now the only sketch comedy theater to broadcast all its shows live on the internet.
ACME was started by M.D. Sweeney as "The Two Roads Theater" in Studio City in 1989, with the players known as the Two Roads Players and later the Tujunga Group.
At the end of each episode, one actor signs with Acme Talent Literary.
Common thread types are Acme and buttress.
formed a Charitable Trust Named Academy of Medical Science (ACME) under the direct control of KCHC.
He has shared in two USENIX Lifetime Achievement Awards - in 1993 for Berkeley Unix, and in 1996 for the Software Tools Project. He owns the internet address acme.com (which is notable for receiving over one million e-mail spams a day) which is the home page for ACME Laboratories.
In 2002, The WB acquired the rights for The WB 100+ Station Group to broadcast "The Daily Buzz", a morning news and lifestyle program that, at the time, was produced by ACME Communications (a now-defunct media company founded by The WB's original chief executive officer Jamie Kellner, which had all but one of its television stations affiliated with The WB, and was named after the Acme Corporation running gag seen in Warner Bros.' animated shorts) and was also syndicated to stations in markets that were not covered by either The WB 100+ or where ACME did not own a station.
In 2004 CRG Gallery offered Dodge representation in New York while ACME Gallery offered him representation in Los Angeles.
In 2004, Sweeney decided to retire from directing and sold ACME to Travis Oates, then a member of ACME’s main sketch company.
In the first quarter of 2007 ACME underwent a second major renovation, which saw the installation of broadcast equipment and effectively turned ACME into a television soundstage.
It is here manifestly impossible to select the more sterile individuals, which have already ceased to yield seeds; so that this acme of sterility, when the germen alone is effected, cannot have been gained through selection; and from the laws governing the various grades of sterility being so uniform throughout the animal and vegetable kingdoms, we may infer that the cause, whatever it may be, is the same or nearly the same in all cases.
McCrary Park was built in the late 1940s for the McCrary Eagles, a semi-professional team sponsored by the Acme-McCrary Corporation, which is still in existence today manufacturing women's hosiery products.
Oates embarked on a renovation of the theater that made ACME the most technically advanced 99-seat theater in Los Angeles.
Some of the more famous shops include Deanie's, Tracie's, Parkway Bakery, Maspero's, Liuzza's, Acme's, Mother's, Domilise's, Parasol's, Frankie and Johnnie's, Weaver's, Charlie's, Avery's and Casamento's.
Such changes, however, reach their acme in the so-called alternate generations of some of the lower animals.
Sweeney changed the name to Acme a few years later, a reference to Warner Brothers cartoons (Sweeney assisted with some Tiny Toons scripts to help his writer girlfriend out) around the same time he moved the theater to North Hollywood.
Sweeney was inspired by the Groundlings, and throughout the 1990s, a rivalry developed between ACME and the famous Groundlings, with both theaters vying for the best sketch comedians in Los Angeles.
That prompts Fudd to call "ACME Pest Control": ("Hewwo?
The ACME Comedy Theatre is a sketch comedy and improvisational theater located near Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, on La Brea near Wilshire's "Miracle Mile".
The Acme of Control is a card trick in which the magician shows two cards, inserts them into the deck, allows the spectator to shuffle the deck, takes the deck back, and is then able to produce the two cards in any way he pleases, such as from his pocket.
The acme of the horizontal engine was the Corliss steam engine, patented in 1849, which was a four-valve counter flow engine with separate steam admission and exhaust valves and automatic variable steam cutoff.
The Government has constituted a Committee named Board of Control to run KCHC and ACME.
The name "Acme" was selected after Stoner's career in animation writing at Warner Brothers had started to take off.)
This act was repealed by the ordinance taking over assets and liabilities of both KCHC and ACME.

More Vocab Words

::: depredation - plundering; destruction
::: capacity - mental or physical ability; role; position or duty; ability to accommodate; Ex. in my capacity as president
::: indecisive - marked by indecision; inconclusive; Ex. indecisive battle
::: remunerative - (of work) compensating; rewarding; profitable; well-paid; V. remunerate: reward; pay (someone) for work or trouble
::: plaudit - praise; enthusiastic approval; round(succession or series) of applause; ADJ. plauditory; CF. applaud
::: quicksilver - mercury
::: reproach - blame (not angrily but sadly); express disapproval or disappointment; N. ADJ. reproachful
::: comity - courtesy; civility; Ex. comity of nations
::: supposition - assumption; hypothesis; surmise; V. suppose
::: laud - praise; N. ADJ. laudable: praiseworthy; ADJ. laudatory: expressing praise