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Vocabulary Word

Word: accessory

Definition: additional object; useful but not essential thing

Sentences Containing 'accessory'

A $15 two-section outdoor "turnstile antenna", manufactured by the Technical Appliance Corporation (TACO) of Sherburne, NY, was offered as an accessory.
A Prusik hitch is tied using a loop of narrow but strong nylon accessory cord or a sling.
Additional options were air conditioning and fog lights, as well as the different Honda Genuine Accessory alloy wheels.
Adnan Darwiche's charges included soliciting to murder Fahda and being an accessory after the fact - these charges were ultimately not pursued.
All current Weatherby Mark V rifles chambered for the .378 Weatherby Magnum and its derivatives are provided with the Accubrake as a standard accessory with the rifle package.
and stars in the accessory maker's Fall 2013 campaign.
Anya also avoids the truth by burying herself in wedding plans without thinking critically about what being married will entail; instead she considers Xander an accessory to her desired lifestyle.
But only now that he has caught her in the act is he finally convinced of his wife's guilt and categorically resists all her attempts at making him an accessory after the fact. She tried, courageously, to smile at Charlie.
But there are other instances where this whiteness loses all that accessory and strange glory which invests it in the White Steed and Albatross.
Colette is a French "brick-and-click" clothing and accessory retailer.
Gallegos was indicted May 6, 2009, on one count of child abuse resulting in death and being an accessory to a crime.
If this does connect to that port, this would be the only accessory known to do this.
In addition, Donald Brown produced the Executive Decision Maker desk accessory and the Desk Accessory Mover software utility; the latter was one of the first (if not the first) utilities that allowed users to install and move desk accessories on the Apple Macintosh platform.
In September 2007, a USB box accessory (Ref: 9702.EZ) was released to enable full iPod connectivity with the standard RD4 radio.
It was sold with three different accessory packages: Outdoor Edition, Motorsports Edition, and Surf Edition.
Many Windows/PC users have found a workaround using Microsoft's Intellitype Pro software, which allows a user to assign keystrokes/macros to the function and accessory keys.
Miriam Gallegos was arrested on charges of being an accessory to murder, false reporting, and fatal child abuse.
Muller was thus led carefully to examine the apparatus in the air-breathing species; and he found it to differ in each in several important points, as in the position of the orifices, in the manner in which they are opened and closed, and in some accessory details.
Non-Player Character Records is an accessory for the "Dungeons Dragons" fantasy role-playing game.
Oh, merciful heavens, was I not accessory to his death by my supine insensibility, by my contempt for him, not remembering, or not willing to remember, that it was for my sake he had become a traitor and a perjurer?
On 12 May 2011, aged 91, Demjanjuk was convicted as an accessory to the murder of 27,900 Jews and sentenced to five years in prison.
On 12 May 2011, Demjanjuk was convicted pending appeal by an ordinary German criminal court as an accessory to the murder of 27,900 at Sobibor and sentenced to five years in prison.
On 2 June 2004 Bassam Said was charged with being an accessory after the fact to the murder of Fahda (he was never convicted of this offence).
On July 11, 2007, Nintendo announced during its E3 2007 media briefing that a new game would be bundled with the Wii Zapper accessory.
On November 19, Jack Warden guest starred in the episode "Accessory by Consent".
Polysplenia is a congenital disease manifested by multiple small accessory spleens.
Precerebral anterior accessory ganglia, as described for microhedylacean acochlidians and "Tantulum elegans", are absent.
Recently, Rafé was asked by Target as the first designer to create a capsule accessory collection for this mass retailer.
Rick helps Michael to escape the detention centre and the two rush to rescue Debbie from being an accessory to Darren's crime.
Sandro Mirad the driver of Youmaran and Josephs get away car was charged and pleaded guilty to being an accessory after the fact to Mr Debaz's murder.
She is always going from one “get rich quick” scheme to another, be it a medical breakthrough (one of her inventions was a balm for bugs) or a new untried, unheard of fashion accessory.
Shoemaker, was charged as an accessory after the fact, and tried as a juvenile for helping dispose of evidence after the murder.
Swishing refers to swapping an item or items of clothing or shoes or an accessory with friends or acquaintances.
The Accessory Transit Company instead took passengers by steamer from New York to San Juan del Norte on the Caribbean or Mosquito Coast of Nicaragua.
The Accubrake being a removable accessory can be reserved for sighting in.
The building comprises three main rooms: the main ceremonial hall, the dharma preaching hall and the meal hall, notwithstanding the other accessory rooms and buildings.
The CZ 110 also features an accessory rail for tactical flash lights and laser pointers.
The disproportion would have been too great between the value of the accessory and that of the principal.
The Lascar was known to be a man of the vilest antecedents, but as, by Mrs. St. Clair's story, he was known to have been at the foot of the stair within a very few seconds of her husband's appearance at the window, he could hardly have been more than an accessory to the crime.
The neurons in the accessory cuneate nucleus have axons leading to the ipsilateral cerebellum via the inferior cerebellar peduncle.
The Nikon GP-1 is a Global Positioning System (GPS) accessory receiver manufactured by Nikon that collects geographic coordinate data and places it into the Exif data of a picture.
The Shure A2WS is an accessory windscreen for the SM57 that attenuates wind noise and plosives ("pop" sounds), and protects the microphone capsule.
The stomata are bordered by guard cells and their stomatal accessory cells (together known as stomatal complex) that open and close the pore.
The swim-bladder has, also, been worked in as an accessory to the auditory organs of certain fishes.
The Tiger 800 has a motorcycle saddle adjustable from , while the Tiger 800 XC saddle is taller at . In both cases an official Triumph accessory low seat lowers seat heights by 20mm.
The ‘Nemesis’ features unique paint colours and interior trim, plus an exclusive accessory package, at a cost that was at the time £330 less than the model on which it is based - when similarly specified.
There is also an optional accessory pack which includes foot pedals and a lap attachment.
This official Nintendo accessory was sold in Japan only.
Victoria's Secret is credited with "transforming lingerie from a slightly embarrassing taboo into an accessible, even routine accessory."
With the death of the Oregon prison warden Minto, Panzram was involved in at least one murder, as an accessory before the fact, prior to 1920.

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