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Vocabulary Word

Word: academic

Definition: related to a school; not practical or directly useful

Sentences Containing 'academic'

(2004) • "Affiliations: Identity in Academic Culture".
A drawing is not necessarily academic because it is thorough, but only because it is dead.
Academic and extracurricular traditions.
Academic dress at the University of Glasgow is worn at ceremonial events throughout the academic year.
Academic dress of the University of Glasgow
Academic validation of courses was provided by the University of Durham.
After the war, Biltz continued his academic career.
As of the end of 2012, he has been cited in about 425 academic articles.)
Background, education and academic career.
Churchill has also historically had excellent academic and athletics programs.
Concerts take place throughout the academic year.
For this reason it is sometimes called pejoratively academic basic.
For this reason, the station is only open for research and academic purposes.
From 2004 onwards, pupils have advanced in academic year groups.
From its founding, the college has encouraged responsible innovation in all of its academic programs.
He demonstrated this through many of his non-academic interests and efforts.
He had one of the longest careers of any legal academic.
He has academic degrees in civil and canon law.
He started his academic career at the University of Washington and the University of Pittsburgh.
He was Academic All-Conference in 2001-02.
His academic performance was excellent and he graduated with honors in 1815.
Hwa Hsia has nine constituent academic departments:
I felt that I was wasting my time in the academic examination of machinery.
IFAN publishes a number of academic journals.
It has been the cry for some time that Schools of Art turned out only academic students.
It has been used as a source by several academic papers.
It is attended by physically disabled students with high academic performance.
It offers various academic programmes both at Undergraduate and Postgraduate level.
Miguel Poiares Maduro is a Portuguese academic.
Preservation librarians most often work in academic libraries.
Rankings and Recent Academic Achievements.
She is the author of over 100 articles in books and academic journals.
Some academic librarians are considered faculty, and hold similar academic ranks to those of professors, while others are not.
Taleh has a number of academic institutions.
The Academic Walk sideline has also gained additional seating.
The academic year is divided into three trimesters.
The Centre has expanded the academic staff.
The club is a legend in academic cultural circles.
The debate continues within the academic community.
The graduate programs generally line up with the academic departments in the college.
The majority of academic linguists do not agree.
The number of academic staff at the University now totals 530.
The school offers diversity of academic facilities.
The School serves as the academic arm of IFRD.
The Teatro Olimpico was an academic reconstruction of an outdoor Roman theater.
The university serves students in four academic colleges.
The wheels quickly fell off my academic career."
This debate is generally viewed as purely academic or meaningless semantics.
This honors society is available to those who are in the club and meet the academic requirements.
While at Stetson, he was the Academic Associate Dean from 1988 to 1992.

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