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Vocabulary Word

Word: absolute

Definition: complete; totally unlimited; having complete power; certain; not relative; Ex. absolute honesty/ruler; CF. absolutism

Sentences Containing 'absolute'

"'Absolute and complete silence before, during, and after?
"Ascending" philosophies are those that embrace the One, or the Absolute.
"I think, Watson, that you are now standing in the presence of one of the most absolute fools in Europe.
- Jason Tate, ABSOLUTE PUNK 2 / "Who You Are is an impressive debut...
A related, less absolute, policy may be called North American energy security.
A typical Baroque absolute ruler, he died at Ansbach in 1667.
Absolute majorities are considered rare in Germany.
And in art it is the same; all those who have aimed at an absolute perfection have usually ended in a deadness.
And what have we to oppose to such a cloud of witnesses, but the absolute impossibility or miraculous nature of the events, which they relate?
At the age of 12, he was noted to possess absolute pitch.
But that perfect state had lacked one thing even for mechanical perfection--absolute permanency.
But the temporal power of the clergy, the absolute command which they had once had over the great body of the people was very much decayed.
During this time, the Indian population continued to grow in absolute terms due to natural increase.
Farmer did not, however, find the employer's right to hold captive audience meetings absolute.
First of all, there is one faculty which a pilot must incessantly cultivate until he has brought it to absolute perfection.
For we were in the absolute South now no modifications, no compromises, no half way measures.
French ascendancy was made absolute over the next decade.
God is the absolute Ego, and the empirical egos are his instruments.
He is not a bad fellow, though an absolute imbecile in his profession.
He took up the lamp, and, in an absolute silence, we returned to the smoking-room.
However innocent he might be, he could not be such an absolute imbecile as not to see that the circumstances were very black against him.
However, this does not give license to absolute contingency.
If an absolute and unavoidable necessity, why doest thou resist?
In both cases, the difference of a preceding absolute position from the present absolute position yields the relative motion of the object or finger during that time.
It is not so important that many should be as good as you, as that there be some absolute goodness somewhere; for that will leaven the whole lump.
It is not so important that many should be good as you, as that there be some absolute goodness somewhere; for that will leaven the whole lump.
Its exegetical value is diminished by Theodore's absolute confidence in the Septuagint.
Its philosophy teaches that there is a transcendent God, or Absolute, in which we and the entire universe participate.
Mr. Dick professed an absolute certainty of having seen him before, and we both said, 'Very likely.'
Once, life and property must have reached almost absolute safety.
She might, perhaps, have gained an absolute, but she would certainly have lost a relative advantage.
So here was the novelty of a king without a keeper, an absolute monarch who was absolute in sober truth and not by a fiction of words.
The commune has an absolute Székely Hungarian majority.
The election returned a hung parliament with no party having an absolute majority.
The game, however, turned into an absolute rout and an embarrassment for Cork.
The main feature, as we view it now, was the insistence on absolute cleanliness.
The owners and captains were the only obstruction that lay between the association and absolute power; and at last this one was removed.
The shutters cut off the least ray of light, and we waited in absolute darkness.
The Social Democratic Party (SPD) won an absolute majority after winning 62 seats.
The sovereign feels that he must provide for such exigencies by saving, because he foresees the absolute impossibility of borrowing.
The value, both of their produce and of their rent, is in proportion to their absolute, and not to their relative fertility.
The wonder, indeed, is, on the theory of natural selection, that more cases of the want of absolute perfection have not been detected.
Their defense was that they enjoyed absolute immunity due to their professional positions.
Then the thought of the absolute security in which humanity appeared to be living came to my mind.
They durst not assert the absolute insufficiency of human evidence, to prove a miracle.
This continued until 1660, when a hereditary and absolute monarchy was instituted by Frederick III.
To convert his dreams into absolute realities, Consortium financed his start up.
Under all absolute governments, there is more liberty in the capital than in any other part of the country.
Yet it was quite certain, from the absolute stillness, that we were in the country.
``In the first place,''replied Mr. Gardiner,``there is no absolute proof that they are not gone to Scotland.''

More Vocab Words

::: grate - make a harsh noise; have an unpleasant effect; shred by rubbing against a rough surface; Ex. grated cheese N: framework of metal bars to hold fuel in a fireplace
::: estranged - separated; alienated; V. estrange: alienate (people in a family); N. estrangement
::: indenture - bind as servant or apprentice to master; bind by indenture; N: contract binding one party into the service of another for a specified time (as between an apprentice and his master)
::: strew - spread randomly; sprinkle; scatter; Ex. flower girl strewing rose petals
::: mendacious - lying; habitually dishonest; N. mendacity
::: incriminate - accuse of or implicate in a crime; serve as evidence against; cause to seem or make guilty of a crime; Ex. incriminating evidence
::: shrewd - clever; astute
::: potable - suitable for drinking; drinkable
::: rummage - ransack; thoroughly search
::: aquiline - curved; hooked; of or like an eagle; Ex. aquiline nose