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Vocabulary Word

Word: aberration

Definition: deviation from the normal; mental disorder

Sentences Containing 'aberration'

In the book, Conquest disputed the assertion made by Nikita Khrushchev, and supported by many Western leftists, that Stalin and his purges were an aberration from the ideals of the Revolution and were contrary to the principles of Leninism.
It has gradually augmented, until it assumes the appearance of aberration of intellect.
Reeves strongly criticised Snowdon, stating that his victory was an "aberration" and urging the party not to shift to the left. Snowdon's supporters moved to gain control of the NT branch at the 1987 party conference, ousting both Reeves as party president and his ally Collins as delegate to the party's National Executive.
Stress from mounting can introduce aberration in the light reflected from a mirror, or photoelasticity inside a lens.
The correction for the aberration of light is said by Muller not to be perfect even in that most perfect organ, the human eye.
The predominant optical aberration of the eye in keratoconus is the so-called coma.
The resulting creatures sport all manner and class of bodily aberration: multiple heads, extra limbs, and even partial animal anatomies.
Theoretically, a focused aberration-free image is obtained under a "specific condition" when the two dispersive elements and the phase shift satisfy the temporal equivalent of the classic lens equation.
This field-flattening solution is not perfect, as images suffer from chromatic aberration with different colors ending up at slightly different places.
This is mentioned by the Oracle, as stated earlier, that Smith is the opposite of Neo, who was himself an aberration of the ultimate formula of the Matrix.
When the editor of the "Architectural Review", J. M. Richards, wrote in "The Castles on the Ground" (1946) that "for all the alleged deficiencies of suburban taste ...it holds for ninety out of a hundred Englishmen an appeal which cannot be explained away as some strange instance of mass aberration", he was, in his own words, "scorned by my contemporaries as either an irrelevant eccentricity or a betrayal of the forward looking views of the Modern Movement".
Which thou shalt do; if thou shalt go about every action as thy last action, free from all vanity, all passionate and wilful aberration from reason, and from all hypocrisy, and self-love, and dislike of those things, which by the fates or appointment of God have happened unto thee.

More Vocab Words

::: carcinogenic - causing cancer; N. carcinogen
::: blighted - suffering from a disease; destroyed
::: meager - scanty; inadequate
::: potentate - monarch; sovereign
::: cipher - nonentity; worthless person or thing; zero; secret code; V.
::: vindicate - clear from blame; free from blame or accusation (with supporting proof); exonerate; substantiate; justify or support; avenge; Ex. vindicate one's client; Ex. vindicate one's claim; CF. vindicator
::: proclivity - inclination; natural tendency (esp. towards something bad)
::: devious - roundabout; erratic; deviating from the straight course; not straightforward; not completely honest; Ex. devious route
::: spurn - reject disdainfully; scorn; Ex. She spurned all offers of help.
::: adjutant - staff officer assisting the commander; assistant