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Vocabulary Word

Word: aberrant

Definition: abnormal or deviant

Sentences Containing 'aberrant'

"Aberrant" is the middle game of the Trinity Universe, and is thus the prequel to "Trinity" and the sequel to "Adventure!".
"Aberrant" is unique among the publisher's game-lines for having no particular castes or "character classes".
"Aberrant" uses a modified version of the "Storyteller System".
"Heleosuchus" is suggested as being either an early diapsid reptile, not closely related to other lineages, or as being an aberrant and primitive lepidosauromorph.
"Rumiko Takahashi Anthology", animated by TMS Entertainment, features her stories "The Tragedy of P", "The Merchant of Romance", "Middle-Aged Teen", "Hidden in the Pottery", "Aberrant Family F", "As Long As You Are Here", "One Hundred Years of Love", "In Lieu of Thanks", "Living Room Lovesong", "House of Garbage", "One Day Dream", "Extra-Large Size Happiness", and "The Executive's Dog".
Aberrant is a role-playing game created by White Wolf Game Studio in 1999, set in 2008 in a world where super-powered humans started appearing one day in 1998.
And analogy would lead us to believe that the young thus reared would be apt to follow by inheritance the occasional and aberrant habit of their mother, and in their turn would be apt to lay their eggs in other birds' nests, and thus be more successful in rearing their young.
And we have evidence of aberrant groups having suffered severely from extinction, for they are almost always represented by extremely few species; and such species as do occur are generally very distinct from each other, which again implies extinction.
Any evidence that did not fit their arguments was ignored as aberrant.
As some few of the old and intermediate forms having transmitted to the present day descendants but little modified, these constitute our so-called osculant or aberrant groups.
Bruce Griffiths of Aberrant Records describes working with feedtime: "The bands that have given me the most satisfaction to work with ...
From another point of view, the come back of asylum psychiatry, over-prescription of psychotropic drugs and the chemical camisole it leads to, the aberrant dysfunctionning of penitentiary psychiatry question about the place let to the subject’s freedom and plead for a wider use of psychotherapies (in particular psychoanalysis), therefore for a better understanding of psychical processes.
In 2012, Sub Pop released "The Aberrant Years", a 4-CD/LP reissue of the first four feedtime full-length records.
In respect to the Medullablastoma studies, therapeutic strategy could include using antigomirs against the oncomir-1 cluster in patients harbouring an aberrant SHH/PATCHED pathway.
Initially they recorded only for Aberrant Records in Australia, but their second through fourth albums were released internationally by the legendary indie label Rough Trade and by Megadisc in Holland.
It has been suggested that this compression may be related to an aberrant branch of the superior cerebellar artery that lies on the trigeminal nerve.
Mr. Dallas has endeavoured to give the explanations of the terms in as popular a form as possible.) ABERRANT.--Forms or groups of animals or plants which deviate in important characters from their nearest allies, so as not to be easily included in the same group with them, are said to be aberrant.
Occasional aberrant northward excursions of the intertropical convergence zone may boost precipitation in some years.
Once again, an aberrant SHH/PTCH pathway was necessary for these observations.
Onyx Path Publishing has recently acquired the rights to the Trinity Universe and has announced its intention to release a new edition of "Aberrant".
Peter Cain (born 1959, Orange, New Jersey; died January 5, 1997, New York, New York) was an artist who is best known for his meticulously executed paintings and drawings of surreal and aberrant versions of automobiles.
Several books were in the works for "Aberrant" at the time of its cancellation, most notably the three "Mega-Books," each of which focused on what it might be like to have Mega-Social, Mega-Mental, or Mega-Physical Attributes, while also shedding light on some other element of the Aberrant setting.
SOX4, SRY-related HMG box 4 gene – an oncogene that is known to be deregulated in a number of cancers, is another target of miR-129 in which the aberrant regulation of miR-129 contributes to the proliferation of cancer cell lines.
Species and groups of species which are called aberrant, and which may fancifully be called living fossils, will aid us in forming a picture of the ancient forms of life.
Such a transformation has also turned an aberrant Dickcissel specimen (sometimes referred to as a distinct species, Townsend's Dickcissel, "Spiza townsendi") from grey to brown.
Super powers in "Aberrant" come from an individual's ability to manipulate energy at the "quantum" sub-atomic level.
The Aberrant Years is a compilation album released by Subpop Records on March 8, 2012.
The first major difference with "Aberrant" is that in addition to normal attributes such as Dexterity, Manipulation and Wits, novas have what are called "Mega-Attributes".
The first of these Mega-Books, called "Aberrant: Cult of Personality", took a close look at Social Mega-Attributes and also examined the rise of nova-led cults.
The genera Ornithorhynchus and Lepidosiren, for example, would not have been less aberrant had each been represented by a dozen species, instead of as at present by a single one, or by two or three.
The last of the Mega-Books, tentatively titled "Aberrant: Brute Force", would address the standard Physical Mega-Attributes while also providing players with background and rules for civic defenders, novas employed by cities to act as crime fighters/public relations operatives.
The more aberrant any form is, the greater must be the number of connecting forms which have been exterminated and utterly lost.
The original "Aberrant" product line was discontinued in 2002, though a d20 System version was released in 2004.
The second of the Mega-Books, called "Aberrant: Brainwaves", was going to examine Mental Mega-Attributes and provide comprehensive rules for "gadgeteers," those novas who use their vast minds to build amazing devices.
This prompted Bruce Griffiths of Aberrant Records to offer Sub Pop the chance to reissue feedtime's albums.
We can, I think, account for this fact only by looking at aberrant groups as forms which have been conquered by more successful competitors, with a few members still preserved under unusually favourable conditions.

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