Should I use 'former' or 'latter'?

To understand when to use ‘former’ and ‘latter’, let’s first look at the definition of each word. The meaning of ‘former’ is the first mentioned, or the first in a list, of two people, places, or things.
  • Monica was given a choice between paying a large fine or performing five months of community service. She chose the former.
  • He had either received the money or stolen it. If the former, she gave it to him out of pity.
The meaning of ‘latter’ is the last mentioned, or the last in a list, of two people, places, or things.
  • The boss offered me a job in New York or a job in Botswana. I prefer the latter.
  • He aimed his bow between me and Pedro, with a glance at the latter.
If you still have deciding difficulty which to use, just remember:

former = first

latter = last

Example sentences using ‘latter’

  • There are two ways to live, by working hard or by taking handouts from the government. They seem, however, to have some predilection for the latter.
  • There were two boys, a sneaky lying little cheater, and an honest and clean-cut student. I was at once convinced from what you had told me that the latterwas your son.
  • She guided the sailboat safely into port after saving the young boy from drowning. For the latter she received a standing ovation from the crew.
  • As a result of my work I could have been offered a promotion or a one-way ticket home. Of the two, I would have much preferred the latter.
  • I was offered a choice between the contents of the small box or the backpack. The latter contained the book "Yolanda and the Thief".
  • You can travel either to the village controlled by the militants or the village controlled by the right-wing forces. The latter is accessible by private road from Sitka.
  • There were two distinct groups of migrating animals during the summer months, the predators and the prey. The latter group had disappeared by the end of September.
Another meaning of ‘former’ is having previously filled a particular role or been a particular thing. Let’s look at some sentences using this definition of ‘former’. The MLA Style Guide

Example sentences using ‘former’

  • The carriage turned about, and drove on at its former speed.
  • There is something electrifying in the atmosphere of the former place.
  • Oh, my former friends, my former friends!
  • His sister, Lesley, is a former Ford model.
  • It was the seat of the former municipality of Eleftherios Venizelos.
  • David Hale is a former Arkansas municipal judge and former Arkansas banker.
  • The former routing through the city was redesigned M-10.
  • At the rear of the passenger station is the former freighthouse.
  • He is a former member of the Icelandic band Trabant.
  • Senator Garn is a former insurance executive.
  • He is the former manager of the Milwaukee Brewers.
  • Often the new work would be distinct than the former.
  • Planning and construction of the former chapel.
  • The cemetery is the site of the former city dump.
  • It was one of the former municipalities added to Barcelona.
  • He is a former member of the Executive Committee of FIFA.
  • He is the cousin of former teammate Bryan Lerg.
  • Joaquín Villalobos is a Salvadoran former politician and former guerrilla leader.
  • Besoijen is a former village in the Netherlands.
  • Bohrman is the former President of Current TV.
  • By 1865, most of the former rancho lands had been subdivided.
  • The former route went through Chetwynd Aston.
  • Today there is a restaurant in the former golf house.
  • He is former athlete Fiona May's cousin.
  • The tree examples below only show the relationship of former assistant coaches to their former head coach.

Use of ‘former’ and ‘latter’ in American English

This Ngram indicates the use of ‘former’ and ‘latter’ in American books, journals, and magazines.

Use of ‘former’ and ‘latter’ in British English

This Ngram indicates the use of ‘former’ and ‘latter’ in British books, journals, and magazines.

More sentences using ‘latter’

The latter he was intimate with, and affectionately embraced. The usual inquiries as to his success was made by the latter. The latter was much more agreeable than his companion expected. The latter took in the whole scene at a glance. The latter belonged to a parvipelvian subgroup, the Thunnosauria. It is not a coincidence that the latter has been recently on air more often. The latter form of baptism being performed by most Christians. The latter band only writes songs about hockey. The latter seems to be totally under Esther's spell. The latter one still operates in the summer. It was published in hardcover under the latter title in 1948. He latter adopted Portuguese citizenship. The latter was renamed to München-Gladbach-Land in 1907. It is the latter location which gave the sandwich its name. The latter is formerly the Graduate School of CUMT. The latter, of a multifunction is characterized by having a fixed hub. The latter one has a price on his head by the yugoloths. He had shoulder surgery in the latter half of the year. The latter encompasses the former but not "vice versa". In retrospect, this latter attitude prevailed. As time passed, the latter turned out to be true. The latter was probably Pepsi, as the Heath Co. Since Spring 2011 she is the coordinator of the latter. He was selected as the outstanding alumnus of both of the latter. Only the latter music video was broadcast internationally. The latter indignantly demanded its return. Michał's name is among the latter.

Former vs. latter

By explaining that the man was frail and delicate, O’Brien implicitly reveals the deep regret he has for killing the innocent. The McCardell stated that” In 1984 Congress passed and the president signed the National Minimum Drinking Age Act. Being a fairly new phenomenon, state parties have shown little interest in forming a new convention on the rights of older women. The killer’s calling card is a gold fish pin that has been on the doorstep of every person that he kills. Use of ‘former’ in English book titles This is similarly to rationally handicapped humans who may not be treated differently but the debate on their connection and moral normality to humans makes them to be treated alike. The TA can be considered as a collaborator or a management agent for a company and thus shares certain level of mutual interest with the company. Use of ‘latter’ in English book titles Sugar is a highly addictive substance that causes a variety of problems on the human race. He built an inflow clepsydra in the city of Alexandria that used the motion of a rising float to engage gears and cogwheels that brought about the movement of various automata like falling balls and sounding trumpets. We decided it was time for a few minutes to stop and remember the 10 most folk, the most loved and most popular motorcycles from the distant Soviet Union. The APA Style Guide

What is the meaning of latter?

Documents, images, videos and e-mail make up the lion’s share of existing data in most organizations, and most of the growth. To end with my discussion, I think that inflation and unemployment have a very close relationship but people fear more to unemployment than to inflation because they think that if they do not have a job, they are not going to eat. This factor is applied to older monuments or other indications of descent considerable value, used most often at the maximum value for A class historical monuments and intermediate rate for local importance monuments. As mentioned above, the Hutus fearing retribution from the Tutsi led RPF that had gained hold of Rwanda, fled Rwanda. The pecking order theory suggests internal funds is the first preference for the acquirers, this is confirmed by Martin (1996) who suggests a cash payment in the M&As is preferred when bidders have sufficient cash. Number of training with the help of ICT last school year teachers was asked, how many lessons they had performed with the support of ICT in the last school year.
Trends in the use of ‘former’ Africa on the other hand has witnessed its fair share of exploitation ever since the colonial era. Because of this, NATO´s intervention in Kosovo can also, through the lens of constructivism, be seen as an attempt to further the aforementioned norms and values of NATO to the rest of the international society. The optimized patch with interpolymer complex of CH–PE in ratio of 20:80 showed an increased bioavailability of about 2.14 times when compared to oral route. Although the Embera-Katio gave a big impression to the Bogotá residents, during this time the city started to receive thousands of displaced persons by violence due to reescalation in the CAC (2012:125). The health of animals is also at risk with contaminated water when humans bathe in the water, contaminating it. He states: “frail-looking, delicately boned, the young man would not have wanted to be a soldier and in his heart would have feared performing badly in battle.” Trends in the use of ‘latter’ This study is aim to find out the relationship between the factors of work-life balance and employees’ job performance in HCM department, PETRONAS KLCC. As a result, The Abbey National announced a restructuring plan on its business divisions, the business to business and business to consumer divisions are not longer exist, instead, a wealth management and long-term savings division was created. It is important to differentiate between the latter two, because their participation in the experiment would have been influenced by their motivation for taking part. At current levels, we no longer have a choice; the environment cannot sustain current global food practices.

When should I use former?

They maintain competitive advantage by modifying their strategic plan and seeking opportunities that will increase product expansion and growth. Although the administration of the Act falls under the jurisdiction of the FTC, the Act provides for criminal penalties and imprisonment of up to five years. Egypt’s tourist facilities, destinations, and resources are able to compete through following tourism quality standards and sustainable tourism models. The mode of payment for service, the time for which the servant is engaged, the nature of those services or the power of dismissal may have some relevance. She describes what she does after she wakes up; she uses the bathroom, combs her hair, brushes her teeth, gets dressed and goes to school. Going by this, it thus can be concluded that Maslow’s eupsychian management could as well be equated with the concept of transformational leadership and both are descriptive of four identified roles of organizational leadership as proposed by Covey (2004), namely; Modeling, Pathfinding, Aligning and empowering. You may also address testing of your system and any other implementation issues of special concern.

When should I use latter?

Currently, the organization focuses mainly on technological innovation with a minimal emphasis placed on organizational innovation. This means that if children are send to school there is a high possibility that they will not be poor. Patton, were confident that the Soviet Union was a threat and didn’t fully trust their word. Seventy-eight percent of the respondents that self-identified as fiscally conservative and socially moderate were Republicans and conservative independents. Data analysis for residual risk rating constituted of frequency rating of various responses and mapping them in the 5*5 risk matrix. Mahindra is best celebrated for utility vehicles and tractors in Asian country, Its automotive division, the company's oldest unit (founded in 1945), makes jeeps and three-wheelers (not traveler "auto rickshaws," however utilitarian delivery and flatbed incarnations). It also states that risk may be positive, negative or a deviation from the expected and that risk often becomes visible in an event, a change in circumstances or a consequence. In spite of the attractive tunable properties of ILs, their high viscosities and relatively high production costs are two big challenges for ILs to be applicable on the industrial scale. In smokers, for example, some people may not believe that smoking is bad for them, others may understand the risk, but I don't care, others may not want to spend effort to quit smoking, smokers, and a final group is actively trying to quit. The fatty layers were removed by scalpel, and the buccal mucosa was isolated from the underlying tissue. Nonetheless, there is an agency benefit of leverage as it reduces wasteful investments and disciplines managers because it requires structural payments (Berk & DeMarzo, 2011). Choosing and then taking care of a horse, is no easy peasy, so before purchasing it, think wisely. Factors that are not only psychological but also comply economic matters, availability and eligibility of services, but moreover, people involved in care, both professionals and relatives and building relationships. According to Riemeier and Gropengießer (2008) those thoughts, which cannot be directly experience, are explained through metaphors and analogies. The McMahon-Hussein agreement presented a major problem, since the British also made a secret promise to the French. All students can benefit from effective transition programs, but Rumberger suggests that state funds be allocated for this purpose for schools with high mobility. The rational for this change is that most officers, upon retirement, either dies after a few years of retirement or must be retired on medical grounds. The Lovesong of J Alfred Prufrock is written in the form of a dramatic monologue, a form used to represent the disenchantment of the individual . The Government is rejuvenating the ailing Public sectors by reforming their Boards and disinvesting to infuse market dynamics.
The Chicago Manual of Style

How do I use former?

The microstructure of the LiNiZn-SDC is obtained by scanning electron microscopy (SEM) which shows particle size range from 100 nm to 400 nm. For this customers of Bank of Ceylon, Head office branch and Giriulla branch will consider for this study.

How do I use latter?

The application of existing ideas on quality improvement is an important issue to tourist enterprises (Cesar, 1996). Women had to depend on men for resources and the only way out for them was having sexual intercourse, increasing the crisis of AIDS, but they were unable to reduce it because of the combination of men over women. However, scientists were still not able to fully conceptualize genetic variation, which lead to continued skepticism and the belief in “uniform types” known as “race” (Yudell 2014:113). The Latino culture is close-knit and could aid in Marty’s journey to recovery after his past abuse. On the other side, the external changes include the legislation by the government, the demand of the customers and the movement of the competitors. In order to connect LGÉ to the history of the ancient Celts, the following part of this chapter will explore two theories regarding their origin. The brother did not have any government connections, but they assumed he was taken because of their faith.

Examples of the use of former

When there is a long-term involvement or contract between the organization and its clients, the clients get to be keen interested in the organization’s capacity to proceed with its presence and keep up steadiness of operations. Funding of projects and programs on restoration of wooden churches will also increase cultural heritage protection insurance. The purpose of this study is to takes an evidence based approach to determining if telemedicine improves flap salvage rates post operatively. The biosynthesis of pericarp carotenoids are found to be absent in the mutant, proven by its reduced ability to produce carotenoid precursor geranylgeranyl diphosphate. Oncology is one of the many areas in medicine that I find fascinating, an avid reader of the New Scientist; I am able to gain insight into the world of science monthly through the published journals. This, combined with the belief that a strong country had a strong military, led to deep tensions throughout Europe that were only intensified by the many secret alliances and treaties formed to ensure mutual support if attacked. The first one is, plain tube heat exchanger and two different angled twisted tape inserts used as a reference. Executive Misuari and the other MNLF pioneers needed to separate themselves from the customary, absolutist Moro tip top pioneers whose innate administration they considered as medieval and a gathering to the nonstop persecution being pursued against the Muslims. In: International Conference Global Business and Technology Association (GBATA), 2003, Budapest.Proceedings do International Conference Global Business and Technology Association - GBATA. This gives the situation a less serious and more humorous undertone because it makes the frog seem like more than just a frog. Customer can make enquiries or complaint through their branches, online forms and calling them (Maybank2u, Undated).

Examples of the use of latter

To ensure the efficiency of AXA’s performance-oriented pay mechanism and evaluation of training needs, performance management standard have had been established. The best guess it that the contractors and architects had a private group of experienced workers that quickly built the French styled house. While taking BZPs, patients should avoid driving and drinking, and consult with the provider if they want to use BZPs in combination with other medications or OTC drugs. Reflections on the problem of reality in international relations: A Three-level analysis of South African Foreign policy. This relationship is very important for the business cycle if there are happy customers, the business goes on successfully. Gareth (1998) posted that the image of an organization who seeking to adopt and survive in a changing environment and offers a powerful perspective for managers, who want to help their organizations flow with change. It is designed to maximize ventilation by recruiting collapsed alveolar units with minimizing ventilation-induced baratrouma in patients with ARDS and/or ALI.