Confused Words: storey vs story

1. It is a single building and is stuccoed with stone dressings.
2. ``Would you like to hear the , sir?''
3. ``At least wait until the has a conclusion.''
4. Stocks Mill is a post mill on a single roundhouse.
5. also publishes nature, horse and craft books aimed at young readers under the Kids imprint.
6. It later transpired that the was untrue.
7. It is a single brick building with a slate roof.
8. It is not possible to verify this .
9. In France, Scotland, and many other parts of Europe, it frequently means no more than a single .
10. The three- Crown Bakery was built during the 1730s.
11. The watermill is a three brick building with a roof of pantiles.
12. The teacher does not so much tell the as ask the .
13. The emphasis is on the and the roleplaying."
14. The New 7th Hotel was established in 1953.
15. It has 195 single and double units.
16. It comprises single parades of pavilion-style office units.
17. This is almost certainly not true.
18. This book was described as a of victimization.
19. Publishing was founded in 1983 in North Adams, Massachusetts.
20. ``True, this has diverted our attention from them.
21. The watermill was probably raised by a at this date.
22. The community consists of two- homes with 2 to 4 bedrooms.
23. The of the Gadsbys is a by Rudyard Kipling.
24. The building had a third added to it in the 17th century.
25. ``The will be very long, excellency.''
26. After being silent for a few moments, he pursued his .
27. Around 1908, it was moved to Stumholmen and converted into a two- apartment building.
28. In her words, "I thought, this is a we haven't seen.
29. As originally built, it was a two mill.
30. ``And what did you think of this fine , eavesdropper?''
31. They were divorced in 1880 in Virginia City, County, Nevada.
32. The was featured as the cover of that issue.
33. This is part and parcel of a larger ."
34. The was republished in hardcover in 2006.
35. he lives alone in his two home at the beginning of the .
36. The western bay incorporates a two- porch.
37. At that stage the school was a two red brick building.
38. ``The interests you, does it not, sir?''
39. They vary in size from little more than a large box up to two- cottages.
40. It is in this backdrop that the love blossoms.

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