Confused Words: pole vs poll

1. The top 20 from the AP during the pre-season.
2. This point is the " of the planar displacement", and the displacement can be viewed as a rotation around this .
3. The Cards finished the 2006 season ranked #6 in the AP and #7 in the Coaches , while being ranked #6 in the Bowl Championship Series .
4. In every case that can be tested, it is found that a north repels a north , and a south repels a south ; but that a north and a south always attract each other.
5. Due to a shortage of revenues he instituted a tax in 1881.
6. It was also decided to Canadian workers on a general strike.
7. The team finished as number one in both the AP and the Coaches' .
8. was descended from Peryam , third son of the antiquary Sir William (1561-1635) of Shute House, Devon, a brother of Sir John , 1st Baronet.
9. He won his first career at Charlotte.
10. Jimmie Johnson started on position.
11. If there is only a single candidate they will be deemed elected without a .
12. There are two main weekly s that begin in the preseason: the AP and the Coaches .
13. A magnetic mono is a hypothetical elementary particle in particle physics that is an isolated magnet with only one magnetic (a north without a south or vice-versa).
14. The which points north when the needle is suspended is called the north and is marked N, while the which points south when the needle is suspended is called the south and is marked S.
15. 3 in the 'Best hope for 2011' section of the readers .
16. At the North , Rudolpha is secretly selling pieces of the North worldwide to get rid of the North , and to make Santa Claus feel he is being replaced.
17. The tells her he'll marry her when his current wife is out of the picture."
18. We turned our supporters out to the Straw .
19. But since like s repel each other, the coil will move, and will rotate until its new north is opposite to the south of the magnet and its new south is opposite the north .
20. The flag incident was quietly resolved.
21. RNC Chairman Vote "Source: CQPolitics, and Pundit
22. I thought of the great precessional cycle that the of the earth describes.
23. The coil turns in such a way that its north is opposite the south of the magnet.-RRB-
24. This mountain was used as a churning .
25. 1 in the seasons final Associated Press and Coaches' .
26. (key) (results in bold indicate position)
27. "TopPop" was chosen as the programme of the century in a in 2000 by Televizier.
28. People fight to buy me drinks.” Most Beautiful Person .
29. The critics separately voted it fourth.
30. Astronauts never orbited to , as implied by the mosaic.
31. It competed against nine other Florida beach destinations entered in the .
32. William Wellesley-, 3rd Earl of Mornington
33. Its official height is without the flag , and including the flag .
34. In that same , Smith placed fifth in the trombone category.
35. That was the lone ranking for any Big East school in that top-14 .
36. (Until 1974, the final Coaches' was released before the bowl games.)
37. Sprague was the third driver to win from the .
38. The Harris and Coaches are factors in the BCS Standings.
39. William Wellesley-, Master of the Mint
40. vaulter Jillian Schwartz is the most experienced from the female trio.

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