Confused Words: pedal vs peddle

1. This is done by carefully pushing the stick forward at the same time the rudder is being released.
2. The orchestra provides alternating G and A-flat notes.
3. They out such a fish as that by the pound in the market-house there; everybody buys some of him; his meat's as white as snow and makes a good fry.
4. Henceforth the firm was known as Thorp Walker and the office began to diversify from a purely domestic practice to one that also excelled at commercial and industrial architecture.
5. The nosewheel-mounted drum brake is foot- actuated.
6. Two nerves emerge from each ganglion, one in the anterior and another in the posterior part, both innervating the foot.
7. Boat rides can be taken in the lake, in small boats.
8. The braking characteristiscs of a car may be improved by varying the design of a brake mechanism.
9. A statocyst with a single otolith is attached dorsally to each ganglion.
10. As of their most recent 2013 tours he was seen with a Mesa Boogie Cabitnet, Carvin Pre Amp, Axe FX II, Ernie Ball Volume and Mission Expression . Personal life.
11. James was notable in the domestic field, adapting the practice of architecture he learned in England and the USA to the Sydney climate and conditions.
12. Visitors can rent boats there in season.
13. Pressing a will move the character in the respective direction from cover to cover.
14. PTW Architects (formerly Thorp Walker) was established in Sydney by James in 1889.
15. The Coombe Clipless was a short production clipless bicycle that saw a small following in the cycling community in the late 1990s and early to mid-2000s.
16. Steel Guitar Association is an organization dedicated to the steel guitar.
17. Time-based travel maps can be created for different modes of transportation, e.g. foot, cycle, motor vehicle.
18. The paired anterior glands discharge ventral to the mouth opening to the exterior.
19. steel players may prefer using tonebars, which have one capped end.
20. It is also the only organ to have two 32′ stops on 50" wind pressure.
21. The pipes are contained within the two towers either side.
22. In 1991, Marshall began making a guitar effect that was intended to emulate the sound of the original combo.
23. The case of the organ shows clearly the manual and divisions.
24. The Grand Great (for the Great Manual) controls stops from the Right and the Grand Choir (for the Choir Manual) controls stops from the Left. For example, the Grand Ophicleide can be played from the board, but also from the Great manual by means of the Grand Great.

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