Confused Words: dual vs duel

1. He holds American/Nigerian citizenship.
2. purpose hop in England developed in 1970s.
3. From jealousy, Pierre shoots her suspected lover, Dolokhov, in a .
4. Reflecto was mentioned as having been "killed in a with the Molecule Master."
5. From there it becomes a carriageway and becomes the A509.
6. Here, a new -carriageway bypasses Kings Langley.
7. In the book he described the fight with the raven as the "most awful " that he ever had.
8. After Bletchley Manor, there is of carriageway.
9. The term "" is used because this property is symmetric, meaning that if "H" is a of "G", then "G" is a of "H" (if "G" is connected).
10. She challenges him to a Kendo ; he, seeing the Rose Signet on her hand, accepts a real .
11. However, the Tewa moiety has been preserved.
12. ``Then I have only to make arrangements for the ,''said Beauchamp.
13. `Why, your brother has been involved in a quarrel, and killed in a .
14. McIntosh refused to apologize, and Gwinnett challenged him to a .
15. The took place on the morning of the 15th.
16. Just as he reached it, Itō Ittōsai challenges him to a .
17. number is indicated by the suffix "-a", and plural by "-wan".
18. At last a is proposed between Masul and Pol.
19. Kojirō discovers them, and he and Denshichirō .
20. Daniel wakes and after an argument Max challenges him to a .
21. Very popular -purpose hop in English ales.
22. The distortion function is formula_4.
23. He accepted the challenge but the never happened.
24. ``But the will not take place, Edmond, since you forgive?''
25. It is the polyhedral of the triangular orthobicupola.
26. The general fell, then, in a loyal , and not in ambush as it might have been reported.
27. She took a role in a 1983 episode of "The Love Boat".
28. Both men agree to a to the death with swords.
29. The theory contains the superpotential formula_4.
30. Relations between the original and theories.
31. Verisopht strikes Hawk, resulting in a .
32. -Purpose Improved Conventional Munition
33. This brought Storm to challenge Callisto to a for leadership of the Morlocks.
34. Weak . The weak of a plane graph is the subgraph of the graph whose vertices correspond to the bounded faces of the primal graph.
35. ``Then I shall say the did not take place?''
36. a solution game copier for both Sega Genesis and SNES.
37. If "G" is planar, the matroid is the graphic matroid of the graph of "G".
38. In particular, the Higgs phase is to the confinement phase as in the superconducting model.
39. No one at Villefort's doubted that a would ensue from it.
40. Davison has American and Canadian citizenship.

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