Confused Words: dual vs duel

1. Davison has American and Canadian citizenship.
2. Kojirō discovers them, and he and Denshichirō .
3. It is the polyhedral of the triangular orthobicupola.
4. ``Then I shall say the did not take place?''
5. -Purpose Improved Conventional Munition
6. He accepted the challenge but the never happened.
7. a solution game copier for both Sega Genesis and SNES.
8. ``But the will not take place, Edmond, since you forgive?''
9. The general fell, then, in a loyal , and not in ambush as it might have been reported.
10. From jealousy, Pierre shoots her suspected lover, Dolokhov, in a .
11. Just as he reached it, Itō Ittōsai challenges him to a .
12. In particular, the Higgs phase is to the confinement phase as in the superconducting model.
13. This brought Storm to challenge Callisto to a for leadership of the Morlocks.
14. However, the Tewa moiety has been preserved.
15. She challenges him to a Kendo ; he, seeing the Rose Signet on her hand, accepts a real .
16. The took place on the morning of the 15th.
17. The distortion function is formula_4.
18. Both men agree to a to the death with swords.
19. Daniel wakes and after an argument Max challenges him to a .
20. Reflecto was mentioned as having been "killed in a with the Molecule Master."
21. purpose hop in England developed in 1970s.
22. The term "" is used because this property is symmetric, meaning that if "H" is a of "G", then "G" is a of "H" (if "G" is connected).
23. In the book he described the fight with the raven as the "most awful " that he ever had.
24. After Bletchley Manor, there is of carriageway.
25. ``Then I have only to make arrangements for the ,''said Beauchamp.
26. Very popular -purpose hop in English ales.
27. Weak . The weak of a plane graph is the subgraph of the graph whose vertices correspond to the bounded faces of the primal graph.
28. Verisopht strikes Hawk, resulting in a .
29. No one at Villefort's doubted that a would ensue from it.
30. At last a is proposed between Masul and Pol.
31. The theory contains the superpotential formula_4.
32. She took a role in a 1983 episode of "The Love Boat".
33. He holds American/Nigerian citizenship.
34. number is indicated by the suffix "-a", and plural by "-wan".
35. From there it becomes a carriageway and becomes the A509.
36. `Why, your brother has been involved in a quarrel, and killed in a .
37. McIntosh refused to apologize, and Gwinnett challenged him to a .
38. If "G" is planar, the matroid is the graphic matroid of the graph of "G".
39. Here, a new -carriageway bypasses Kings Langley.
40. Relations between the original and theories.

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