Confused Words: draught vs draft

1. It is not uncommon for a team's actual pick to differ from their assigned pick, or for a team to have extra or no picks in any round due to these trades.
2. This list does not include players selected in that .
3. 1 overall player in any he's involved with."
4. The Heavy Breton is the largest subtype, and is generally used for the hardest work.
5. WNBA . The following are the Sky's selections in the 2010 WNBA .
6. This offered the same level of for a reduced level of exhaust back-pressure or, alternatively, increased with no performance loss elsewhere.
7. selections and ee career notes.
8. NFL . The following were selected in the 1968 NFL .
9. ``Here,''he said,``here is a at sight.''
10. She drank out of a golden cup, above a hogshead at a .
11. He preferred to go and sit upon the stairs, in the dark and a strong , until he was again sent for.
12. The first amateur was held in 1965.
13. My object here is simply to project the of a systematization of cetology.
14. Again the abbe had been obliged to swallow a of water to calm the emotions that threatened to overpower him.
15. "Unicorn" had an overall length of , a beam of , and a of at deep load.
16. The savages in South Africa match their cattle by colour, as do some of the Esquimaux their teams of dogs.
17. The ship was long, with a beam of and a of . History.
18. The . Major League Baseball's first amateur was held in June 1965.
19. They had a shallow (8 feet, 2.43 metres).
20. The 1962 NFL and the 1962 AFL
21. "When you go out close the door, for there is a decided ."
22. He stopped, held out his glass for more, and took it off at a .
23. The beer is available kegged on , or in bottles.
24. A dish of their meat was a good mouthful, and a barrel of their liquor a reasonable .
25. The August was eliminated after only two years, while the January lasted until 1986.
26. NFL . One Vandal was selected in the 2009 NFL :
27. A lower case "half half" is a generic Guinness .
28. Before the conquest of the Spaniards, there were no cattle fit for , either in Mexico or Peru.
29. This whole book is but a --nay, but the of a .
30. The marchioness drained the glass at a single , and then turned on her pillow, repeating,``The notary, the notary!''
31. On April 14, 2009, the Islanders won the NHL Lottery, gaining the number one overall pick in the 2009 NHL Entry . Regular season.
32. The Darwin Stubby is available by NT in the Northern Territory.
33. Only the top 20 prospects attended the . The Senators did not host the due to this.
34. The 1952 NBA was the sixth annual of the National Basketball Association (NBA).
35. Thus, it is not uncommon for a team's actual pick to differ from their assigned pick, or for a team to have extra or no picks in any round due to these trades.
36. She had a beam of and a of . She displaced at standard load.
37. The league also held a supplemental after the regular and before the regular season.
38. When they find an inch of mud in the bottom of a glass, they stir it up, and then take the as they would gruel.
39. ``See,''he exclaimed,``there remains still some of the magic .
40. This is considered one of the best classes ever for the position of wide receiver.

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