Confused Words: council vs counsel

1. Orders in as Statutory Instruments.
2. He was appointed assistant parliamentary to Treasury in 1886 and parliamentary in 1899.
3. We have been taking together, and getting on very well, all things considered.
4. He recalled that "to me, as to other beginners, he offered generous encouragement and wise ."
5. Harp is the headquarters of this union .
6. He was appointed a King's in 1910.
7. Parties in the European during 2005
8. Mr. Erskine was for the defendants; Lord Ellenborough was the judge.
9. He was appointed as a Queens in 1996.
10. Thodass is the headquarters of this union .
11. Archibald was named King's in 1817.
12. Based on the investigation, she judged that appointment of an independent was unwarranted.
13. The of National Monuments was informed.
14. The is run by a Board of Trustees that is elected by the 's members.
15. Carcetti faces criticism from Wilson but still seeks his .
16. While President of the Irish of St.
17. In 1935, Owen was made a King's .
18. Until the 1965 elections he was a Federal .
19. He was reportedly denied access to and beaten by police during questioning.
20. After a difficult , they agreed to go.
21. The was renamed National of Social service in 1992.
22. The Norwegian of the Realm was divided.
23. Taus is the headquarters of this union .
24. As a result the meeting after the election had no nominations for leader of the .
25. He was appointed a Queen's in September 1883.
26. If I have sometimes, in the course of years, wanted help and , they have come to me.
27. If you are in need of help or , let me try to give it to you.
28. He went on the Home circuit and in 1845 was appointed a Queen's .
29. Hundoor is the headquarters of this union .
30. Assaults on Cumhuriyet and the of State.
31. In 1968, he was appointed Queen's .
32. He worked at the Department of Youth Services as Deputy General .
33. He chaired the Nuclear Weapons and the Intelligence R .
34. The whole was up for election and the stayed under no overall control.
35. The term should not be confused with Order of .
36. In 1933 he was invested as a King's .
37. His expected the filing to be made on Wednesday, 6 May.
38. The local , Barry Town , is the largest town in Wales.
39. The defense in some situations is selected by the TPA.
40. He was appointed Queen's in 1987.

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