Confused Words: chord vs cord

1. Exoskeletons could also be applied in the area of rehabilitation of stroke or Spinal injury patients.
2. These were "masters", or notes belonging to the common , and "servants", or all other notes.
3. This loss of function and ataxia of peripheral nerves and spinal is the phenomenon of OPIDP.
4. A fishing line is any made for fishing.
5. Subsequent spinal injury after an episode of cervical neurapraxia has not been observed.
6. This change evokes a ii-V-I progression that is left unfinished.
7. Numbness, stinging, and/or weakness in the arms, legs or both, distinguish cervical neurapraxia.
8. It is in E-flat major, with a main pattern of A2-Bsus-Cm7-Bsus.
9. The pulley, another of the machines, is merely a grooved wheel around which a passes.
10. In open tuning the strings are tuned to sound a when not fretted.
11. To this day I still don't know a single on the guitar."
12. He competes in the F57 Paralympic disability category for athletes with spinal injuries and amputations.
13. "These generators have the ability to produce hours of lighting by simply pulling on a small for a few minutes."
14. The term Prusik is a name for both the loops of and the hitch, and the verb is "to prusik".
15. These caps would have prohibited any form of rivet or being used as a means of attachment.
16. ``Ma foi, monsieur, you have touched upon a tender .''
17. St Lawrence station was opened in 1864 just before this but closed in 1916.
18. The system is flexible, and can be embellished to include more information (such as color or to denote a bass note in an inverted ).
19. The main secondary aspect of the Discipline is that the avout are allowed to own only their "bolt, , and sphere".
20. It also features Lennon's intricate changes.
21. Dave Laing in "One Wonders" (1985) provides more of a sociology of punk.
22. In music, an irregular resolution is resolution by a dominant seventh or diminished seventh to a other than the tonic.
23. Morrel pulled the bell, but though he nearly broke the no one answered.
24. Treating cervical neurapraxia on the field.
25. More recently, electrical stimulation of the brain and spinal and caloric stimulation have been explored as treatments.
26. The first , for example, could be a B minor 7th superimposed on an E minor triad.
27. St Lawrence station was opened in 1864 just before this , but closed in 1916.
28. He often uses complex shapes in picking and strumming for all of the bands he plays with.
29. A ventilator is made, a is hung, and a lady who sleeps in the bed dies.
30. Its main underlying minor (Em) is prominent throughout the song, while the progression in the verses consists of a further three s (A-G-F#/D) reverting to the minor . The chorus uses a contrasting major (G) as well as a flat (B♭) and another minor (Dm) and, like the song's final refrain, finishes on a standard (C).
31. The song contains "glittering" progressions of a 1980s nightclub.
32. No Seriously.", "Watch Your Back Manolo", "Health: -Blood Controversy", and "Health: The -Blood Debate".
33. At the beginning of the display, it also had the traditional 'golden' waterfall but it was hung from the lower of the Bridge.
34. A few other fibers intrinsic to the run in the dorsolateral fasciculus of the spinal and the septomarginal tract.
35. It came packaged in a gatefold with a lyric and guitar/ukelele booklet.
36. After the car accident that caused his spinal injury, he went through extensive rehabilitation.
37. Parallel ailerons were fitted only to the upper wing.
38. During the Batizado, students are recognized by their success by being promoted in color.
39. I think that, henceforth, nothing but some extraordinary jarring of that could renew it.
40. The middle finger or thumb is placed through a loop on the end of one , and a tab at the end of the other is placed between the thumb and forefinger.

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