Confused Words: canvas vs canvass

1. He painted very rapidly and very fluently, designing most of his compositions directly in the .
2. The was re-exhibited in 1900 in Paris.
3. In the 1960s, he mostly did work with expositions in the north of Veracruz.
4. The circus had instead waterproofed their using an older method of parrafin dissolved in gasoline and painted onto the .
5. ("Marco Sassone – When the Soul is Nailed to the ").
6. Minyintiri originally painted on paper, but now paints on .
7. Géricault drew an outline sketch of the composition onto the .
8. Each platform had a hangar to protect the aircraft during inclement weather.
9. This is a stroke lightly and quickly painted, where the brush just grazes the surface of the .
10. It was normal for voters to expect the candidates for whom they voted to meet their expenses in travelling to the poll, making the cost of a contested election substantial. Contested elections were therefore rare, potential candidates preferring to s support beforehand and usually not insisting on a vote being taken unless they were confident of winning; at all but 4 of the 29 general elections between 1701 and 1832, Lincolnshire's two MPs were elected unopposed.
11. He painted a for the baptistery of the Duomo di Cremona
12. Blood pours out of the as it burns.
13. Candidates were better able to s outside of Mosul due to improve security, whereas the security inside Mosul was far worse, with candidates being threatened and in some cases killed.
14. A town grew up quickly to service the needs of the miners.
15. But now that I s the figures narrowly, I suspect that the telegraph mutilated them.
16. The sails are covered with sailcloths to help catch the wind.
17. Materials includes oil and magna on two panels.
18. The great irony of the fire was that the performance took place under .
19. At the same time, graffiti art on LUL trains generated some interest in the media and arts, leading to several art galleries putting on exhibitions of some of the art work (on s) of a few LUL writers as well as TV documentaries on London hip-hop culture like the BBC's 'Bad Meaning Good', which included a section featuring interviews with LUL writers and a few examples of their pieces.
20. When he was out on a s, his name was a lodestone which drew the farmers to his stump from fifty miles around.
21. Later, Adam is seen painting a new with blood.
22. The is white, with a few white lines.
23. These paintings were done on in Żukotyński's studio in Chicago.
24. His auditors may not have, and commonly have not, sufficient judgement to s his evidence: what judgement they have, they renounce by principle, in these sublime and mysterious subjects: or if they were ever so willing to employ it, passion and a heated imagination disturb the regularity of its operations.
25. Every moment, he stays in front of a blank and thinks.
26. She later disappeared from the but was presumed to still work at Forrester.

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