Confused Words: brake vs break

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1. At the , it was Olomby who would be relegated.
2. This, in turn, greatly increases the speed of application and release.
3. The crash was reportedly caused by failure.
4. to my vow in behalf of the ex emperor.''
5. The engineer applies the and stops the train just in time.
6. Other African railways are believed to continue to use the vacuum .
7. No more points were scored before the .
8. A Solenoid is an electrically controlled .
9. Oh, do not say so; it will my resolutions.''
10. But, when she suffered it to loose, it was only for a moment.
11. Shadow IT can act as a on the adoption of new technology.
12. The strings of my heart , Ghanshyam.
13. The driver's valve was usually combined with the steam control on the locomotive.
14. The transmission incorporates a Voith KB260/r hydrodynamic .
15. Accordingly, they up their relationship.
16. He finished 33rd that day after suffering failure.
17. As such, it provided an effective driveshaft mounted parking to be used alone or supplementing the hand .
18. This team is during spring (end of March).
19. Instead, the emergency activated, sending shockwaves down the cable.
20. Burton was hit while on her dinner .
21. "Mountjoy" rammed but did not the boom.
22. It uses a Westinghouse air system which is combined to provide a singular train and locomotive operation, however the locomotive also has a separate parking .
23. I down before the knowledge of what I want to say to you.
24. Unlike the earlier Pendleton muzzle , the Accu is a removable, screw-on type .
25. This is necessary to release the on a vehicle that has been uncoupled from a train and now requires to be moved without having a connection to another locomotive, for example if it is to be shunted.
26. You had friends, Albert; off their acquaintance.
27. I'm trying not to cry while I the news to our authors."
28. For braking, the locomotives were originally equipped with a steam and counterweight .
29. These valves responded to a rise in train pipe pressure as the was applied, and admitted atmospheric air directly to the underside of the cylinder.
30. There are many -performance-enhancing aftermarket parts available for most motorcycles, including pads of varying compounds and steel-braided lines.
31. One objection to the mantles is their tendency to .
32. The fuselage would often up in rough seas.
33. The original air systems didn't allow this, all releases had to be full releases, before re-applying the .
34. The is turned on and off by an electrical solenoid.
35. `` his arm wound him but do not kill him.''
36. The film did not even on its production costs.
37. It would her heart--it will her heart when she hears that I am arrested."
38. Twin master cylinders were incorporated from April 1956.
39. The storm was gathering, but did not until after his death.
40. This became known as the "Babson ".

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