Confused Words: bough vs bow

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1. I made my gentleman a distant , and Peggotty barely recognized him.
2. ``I am going,''said Albert, as he made his parting .
3. For all that, he was much grieved at the loss of his lance, and saying so to his squire, he added, "I remember having read how a Spanish knight, Diego Perez de Vargas by name, having broken his sword in battle, tore from an oak a ponderous or branch, and with it did such things that day, and pounded so many Moors, that he got the surname of Machuca, and he and his descendants from that day forth were called Vargas y Machuca.
4. He included us all in a sweeping and stalked out of the room.
5. your neck and spread, for the pet child of calamity's a coming!'
6. I pulled off my hat, and made a low towards the farmer.
7. And then, with a slight , turned again into the plantation, and was soon out of sight.
8. "He doesn't look a credit to the Street cells, does he?"
9. The damaged was left to break up on the rocks.
10. The is the foremost part of the hull.
11. At that the squat substantial-looking mass swayed like a shaken by the wind.
12. The former village was named after the River that flows through the province.
13. When I approached carelessly and alarmed them, they made a sudden splash and rippling with their tails, as if one had struck the water with a brushy , and instantly took refuge in the depths.
14. If I can to her once in the day (I know her to to, knowing Mr. Larkins), I am happier.
15. The history of the cottage is referred to in William's 1806 poem, "The Waggoner", in which the protagonist passes by "Where once the Dove and Olive- offered a greeting of good ale to all who entered Grasmere Vale".
16. As he was clinging to a branch, however, half-way up in his struggle to reach the top, the , such was his ill-luck and hard fate, gave way, and caught in his fall by a broken limb of the oak, he hung suspended in the air unable to reach the ground.
17. and he divided a between me and Traddles, with a glance at the latter.
18. For decades it was assumed that the Sun had a shock.
19. It is on Road in , east London, about 300 metres from Church DLR station and is in fare zone 2.
20. and the waiters took it away so quickly that Alice couldn't return its .
21. There too the turtle doves sat over the spring, or fluttered from to of the soft white pines over my head; or the red squirrel, coursing down the nearest , was particularly familiar and inquisitive.
22. ``Cedant arma togae,''said Villefort with a .
23. your neck and spread, for the kingdom of sorrow's a coming!
24. The ribs were hung with trophies; the vertebrae were carved with Arsacidean annals, in strange hieroglyphics; in the skull, the priests kept up an unextinguished aromatic flame, so that the mystic head again sent forth its vapoury spout; while, suspended from a , the terrific lower jaw vibrated over all the devotees, like the hair-hung sword that so affrighted Damocles.
25. 'It says "-wough!"' cried a Daisy: 'that's why its branches are called s!'
26. Water to fill Beech Reservoir (Sutton and East Surrey Water Company) is pumped from a point just upstream of Penshurst. Watermills.
27. 'Ma'am,' returned Mr. Micawber, with a , 'you are very obliging: and what are you doing, Copperfield?
28. ``Thank you,''said Albert, with a cold and formal .
29. ``Thanks for the comparison,''said Albert, with a .
30. A bird sits on the next , life everlasting grows under the table, and blackberry vines run round its legs; pine cones, chestnut burs, and strawberry leaves are strewn about.
31. Densities of Hose's langurs positively correlate with tree height, height of the first , tree diameter, and canopy cover, and negatively with vegetation cover at low and ground level.
32. Folklorist Sir James Frazer cited many examples in "The Golden ".
33. The property had been by Gaynesford from Sir John Gage in 1550.

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