Confused Words: berth vs birth

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1. It also has its own registering office.
2. Soon after his , he was brought to Leinster.
3. His name at was Tengku Musa Eddin.
4. Country of of Australian residents.
5. The South Harbour is a popular for yachts.
6. At the heart of Vilamoura is the marina which has the capacity to over 1,000 vessels.
7. Citizenship by in or outside Ghana and by descent.
8. The municipality has its own registry.
9. In his senior season, he led the Falcons to a district title and a state semifinal playoff .
10. She did, but in the end she gave to a lion.
11. Then they stood there, with their hands on the ledge of the , and talked.
12. She steamed from her at Wellington to the dockyard at the Devonport Naval Base in Auckland.
13. The organ and the of the church band.
14. In their first regular season without a playoff , management took a different approach.
15. With withdrawing from the tournament, received an automatic into the World Qualifying Tournament.
16. The conference's automatic NCAA is reserved for the ACC champion.
17. The teams played for the Western Conference's in the NBA Finals.
18. There is conflicting information regarding his .
19. Concealing a is the act of a parent (or other responsible person) failing to report the of a child.
20. A late season charge failed to win a playoff .
21. They finished with a 9–7 record, good enough for second in the division but not a playoff .
22. The foramen lacerum fills with cartilage after .
23. The plot revolved in the of Ginnita's son.
24. A video of this is posted on YouTube.
25. Fletcher first edged out Clyde Holloway for the general election against Alexander.
26. The ferry suffered extensive damage to her port propeller and had to be assisted to in Dover.
27. As of 2007, it was growing substantially, having finished building a new, third major .
28. Smith was adopted at by a pastor and his wife.
29. Their father was unaware of their .
30. But before they got in I was up in the upper , cornered, and sorry I come.
31. Naturally, we was both of us inclined to give such a subject a wide .
32. His date of and death are unknown.
33. The points penalty meant that the Warriors missed a finals in 2006.
34. The allocation of teams into pots was based on their national association and qualifying .
35. Adler is the mother of Levi, and Gilbert is the mother of Sawyer.
36. The league title earned the Chiefs a in the 2008 Memorial Cup in Kitchener, Ontario.
37. "No, you ain't the only person that's had a secret of his ."
38. But not to an Englishman; to one who, like herself, is French by .
39. The year of Maria's is somewhat uncertain.
40. Since Tocantins was already allocated a in Group 5 the passed on to Goias.

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