Confused Words: bare vs bear

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1. Max and Tom OB a sad farewell as he leaves.
2. The 's courtship period is very brief.
3. ``I can not to think that they should have all this estate.
4. This ship was not the first to the name.
5. This is the``sulphur showers''we of.
6. When the is near, go out and meet him.
7. Sandals or buskins--I could not clearly distinguish which--were on his feet; his legs were to the knees, and his head was .
8. He had his slippers on, and a loose bed gown, and his throat was for his greater ease.
9. In the sand "Crinum zeylanicum" is found.
10. They could see that the was recovering from the blows.
11. The Star looks up to what maybe the North Star and the looks at Tilly.
12. Then you must not pay us; we can scud, like the Pharaon, under poles.''
13. On mountains, the heating and cooling effects of the sun are very striking -LRB- Fig.
14. No other coins from the Bosporan these abbreviations.
15. The idea would kill me would drive me like a madman to dig my heart out with my finger nails!
16. The family name can suffer from me in no other, for I it in no other.''
17. breasts were seen twice in the third season.
18. It was definitely a market for UFOs."
19. Her legs were crossed and her arms were placed by her sides.
20. Are there any more slaves to be had who this beautiful name?''
21. It seems to the same name only coincidentally.
22. At the name of a bull or a cow, his eye would light and his eloquent tongue would turn itself loose.
23. Mostly cultivate by uprooting grasses with their hands.
24. 'If it is miserable to , when she is here,' he said, 'what would it be, and she away?
25. He held up his hand as he went, as blessing the people, but in silence.
26. His shirt sleeves were rolled up, too, and his brown arms were to the elbows.
27. He loved his country, and couldn't it, and had given information.
28. Phrases and attending, playing the radical leftist.".
29. Celeste is Angel's teddy , an angel with a halo.
30. The wakes Tilly up and returns her to her.
31. Browning seized the "materialization" and discovered it to be the foot of Home.
32. She and Sheilla Lissette some resemblance.
33. She prefers the song with just an acoustic guitar; stripped down and .
34. They are known as "-eyes", which is a reference to a colourful patch of skin around their eyes.
35. While they were eating, they heard the approaching.
36. "A Plague of Conscience" (by Greg ).
37. Pigsties are generally fenced areas of dirt and/or mud.
38. ``I have looked at her from my prison window, when I could not her light.
39. Some had their guns slung and were charging -handed.
40. Behold it by itself and naked, separated from all that is material.

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