Confused Words: aural vs oral

1. Skills of historians in modern Mali.
2. "Warmth" is described as an " journey" in which Jackson performs oral sex on her partner while in a moving vehicle.
3. It is available as capsules, tablets and solution.
4. The output of the demodulator consists of a VF and an signal which is in fact an FM subcarrier modulated by AF.
5. Paired tube glands are flanking the tube and discharge in its anterior part.
6. However, their preference was reversed if they were taking contraceptives.
7. When VF and the signal modulate the same carrier the inevitable non-linearity of the electronic circuits cause unwanted signals which are called intermodulation products.
8. The album began with the song " Florida", which was originally going to be on a split release with Godspeed You!
9. Approximately 27 seconds later the Airport Movement Area Safety System (AMASS) issued an warning of an imminent collision, and the local controller attempted to instruct the SkyWest aircraft to stop, transmitting, "uh, sky-, skywest uhh fifty seven forty one HOLD HOLD HOLD".
10. In 1886 Pritchard was appointed professor of surgery in King's College, the first to hold this position.
11. Many productions make great use of traditional Japanese music by shamisen players, though Vogel states that effects as varied as a boom box, Western Christmas carols "tuned to the tonal scales of bunraku," wooden clappers, or Hawaiian guitars are acceptable.
12. The Mackie suit detailed an instance, in which Behringer was sued by Aphex Systems for copying the Exciter Type F—in that case Aphex Systems won 690,000 Deutsche Mark.
13. Before writing, they took the form of instruction in tradition.
14. Because history, is exactly as the name describes, a means of passing history verbally, language is also passed on by historians.
15. CVN webcasts courtroom proceedings, including civil trials, hearings, and arguments.
16. in system M ) The signal and the VF are separated by a simple filter.
17. Old wives' tales originate in the tradition of storytelling.
18. They reduce the risk of relapse to a greater degree than medications.
19. In TV broadcasting the intermodulation products of the subcarrier and the main carrier appear out of the RF band of the TV channel.
20. Some state that a nucleus of teaching was inherited from Palestinian and Hellenistic Judaism and formed the basis of a secret tradition in the early stages of Christianity.
21. In everyday conversation, people with normal vision, hearing and social skills sub-consciously use information from the lips and face to aid comprehension and most fluent speakers of a language are able to speechread to some extent (see McGurk effect).
22. There still was an STCA warning system, which released a warning addressed to workstation RE SUED at 21:35:00 (32 seconds before the collision); this warning was not heard by anyone present at that time, although no error in this system could be found in a subsequent technical audit; whether this audible warning is turned on or not, is not logged technically.
23. Mikael Wood of "Spin" said that Rose's vocals are "still astounding" and felt that the songs' "memorable melodies" overcome the album's " onslaught."
24. Such historians in Mali are known as griots, Jalis, and Jelis.
25. Cardus maintained a keen antagonism towards much of contemporary music; discussing Pierre Boulez's "Pli selon pli" after a performance in 1965, he said he "could not relate the varied succession of phenomena to music as my musical intelligence and senses recognise music".
26. The sucker is about one-third the diameter of the sucker.
27. In 1876 he was appointed surgeon at King's College Hospital, holding this position until 1910.
28. Without the production facilities of Capitol, however, and the expertise of Voyle Gilmore and engineer Pete Abbott, the Decca releases lacked the brilliance of the Capitol albums, and none of the four sold especially well.
29. Erythromycyclamine retains the antibacterial properties of erythromycin administration.
30. The court hears arguments in both its Lakeland and Tampa courtrooms.
31. Sign language interpreting involves considerable effort on the part of the interpreter, since sign languages are distinct natural languages with their own construction, semantics and syntax, different from the version of the same principal language.
32. He then began writing fundraising letters for Roberts.
33. Guanfacine has an bioavailability of 80%.
34. Her week with New Directions over, Sue reveals that she has become the vocal coach for one of the glee club's Regionals competitors, Intensity.
35. historians are often essential to solve certain problems.
36. Sumerian myths were passed down through the tradition until the invention of writing.
37. The unwanted signals appear on RF spectrum at regular intervals, the interval being equal to the frequency difference of the visual and carriers.
38. So a frequency converter (or a mixer) and a series of amplifiers for signal as well as an output combiner are spared, which reduce the cost of the transmitter and electricity consumption of the amplifiers considerably.
39. traditions suggest these practices go back even further.
40. The Folk Literature refers not to written, but to traditions.

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