Confused Words: assent vs ascent

1. It lies not merely in any peculiar idea, which is annexed to such a conception as commands our , and which is wanting to every known fiction.
2. As Traddles seemed to expect that I should to this as a matter of course, I nodded; and he went on, with the same sprightly patience--I can find no better expression--as before.
3. Prior to this solo , he had not set up a camp on the mountain.
4. Although the Orders are officially made by the Queen, in practice, royal is a formality only.
5. Mr. Barkis turned his eyes upon me, as if for my to this result of his reflections in bed; and I gave it.
6. I thanked him for his kindness, reflecting that there was reason in what he said, and that my father would to it as soon as I should tell him, and with that view I went the very same instant to let him know what my desires were.
7. Teresa felt a flush pass over her face; she looked at Luigi, who could not refuse his .
8. The President of Malta also appoints the rest of the cabinet with the of the Prime Minister of Malta.
9. In 1969 the newsletter became a bi-monthly publication and changed its name to "".
10. The most prominent is Mt Misery in the Chapman / Mt Misery Recreation Area, with an of 100 feet or so to an elevation of 440 feet.
11. "" started as an in-house journal for Yasodhara Ashram in 1963.
12. publishes through its sister company Timeless Books in Toronto, Ontario.
13. Since then many climbers made the same to the top.
14. It then continues through to the final 30 km moorlands and the last to Mount Pilatus.
15. Weaver's to the major leagues was quick.
16. To this speech Bingley made no answer; but his sisters gave it their hearty , and indulged their mirth for some time at the expense of their dear friend's vulgar relations.
17. returned Miss Murdstone, though, I thought, not with a very ready or gracious .
18. It was published on 13 December 2012 and received Royal on 25 April 2013.
19. Here we stopped, breathless with our , and she placed her hand lightly on my lips.
20. The Bill received Royal on 17 July 2013.
21. These amendments were agreed to on 5 July, and the Bill received Royal on 19 July.
22. I nodded to the pretty inquiry of the raised eyebrows, and kissed the parted lips.
23. He made a guided of Piz Palu at fourteen.
24. The Space Shuttle had a two-stage .
25. The first to the Joch Pass begins after about one kilometer.
26. Few runners outside the top ten manage the without stopping to walk.
27. The Shuttle flew upside down during the phase.
28. Their was reported in newspapers across America.
29. The mountain can also be reached from Genoa Bay (most difficult ) or from roadside parking (~ 5 vehicles, difficult ) at St.
30. Monte Cristo inclined himself without answering, but the gesture might pass for .
31. He signified ; only think of the poor old man's being so pleased to think that you, who were a perfect stranger to him, had been made an officer of the Legion of Honor!
32. said he; and went chatting straight along, without waiting for or denial.
33. Each issue of "" centers around a specific theme.
34. "" regularly publishes articles and art-work submitted by its readers.
35. I thanked her, without making any demonstration of joy, lest it should induce her to withdraw her .
36. demanded the notary, thinking he had only to insert this clause, but waiting first for the of Noirtier, which it was necessary should be given before all the witnesses of this singular scene.
37. I murmured an , which was full of feeling, considering that I knew nothing at all about him; and I inquired what Mr. Traddles was by profession.
38. "" is no longer publishing per their web site.
39. He meant Ham, who beamed with delight and over the bag of shrimps.
40. Spiral is the debut album by Indian Heavy Metal band Kryptos.

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