Confused Words: aisle vs isle

1. In relation to the of Man this has successfully focused on prison reform.
2. There is another altar in the north .
3. The nave and south were finished first, the tower and chancel were added in 1867, while the north was not fully roofed until 1906.
4. Clephane died in the of Wight on 11 October 1758.
5. In 1910 a memorial to him was erected in the south of the nave of St.
6. Talbot Bury designed a south that was added in 1875, and a vestry was added in 1889.
7. Suddenly Weena, deserted in the central , began to whimper.
8. The Arran Whitebeams are species unique to the of Arran.
9. Half the church and half the was in Kentucky, the other half in Tennessee.
10. The north arcade between the nave and has three bays and pointed arches.
11. It was restored in 1886 and the south dates from the same time.
12. When the group of lawmen entered the church, they used blackjacks to "clear the ".
13. It was also standard on the of Wight rail system.
14. The walls of the chapel, and porch are crowned by a continuous embattled parapet.
15. The southernmost window in the east , by Magee Smith of Philadelphia, was placed in 1872.
16. Scott virtually rebuilt it and added the south , porch and bell-turret.
17. Laois, Ireland, and Bestival on the of Wight.
18. They currently live in Cowes, on the of Wight.
19. His Hurricane crashed near Parkhurst, of Wight.
20. They then sailed in October 1632, for the of Wight to pick up more settlers.
21. Not this hand complies with my humor more genially than that boy.--Middle of a church!
22. I lounged up the side like any other idler who has dropped into a church.
23. This was the last Clan battle on the of Skye.
24. The windows along the sides of the north have two lights.
25. I am no specialist in mineralogy, and I went on down a very ruinous running parallel to the first hall I had entered.
26. The Venerable Alexander Cory was Archdeacon of the of Wight.
27. The Darrochs were most numerous on the of Islay and of Jura.
28. Northern Maine Regional Airport at Presque
29. The first came against Cowes from the of Wight on 22 April.
30. Indeed, Arabs knew of the Mascarenes, naming Mauritius "Dina Machrek" ( of the East), Rodrigues "Dina Harobi" (Abandoned ) and Réunion "Dina Moghraib" (Western ).
31. He was also Lieutenant Governor of the of Man from 1895 to 1902.
32. The old second bell stands in retirement in the south .
33. Little was born in Douglas, of Man in 1949.
34. He made his debut in "Tons of Money" on the of Wight in 1922.
35. Lewen Greenwood Tugwell was a former Archdeacon of the of Wight.
36. of Thanet Electric Tramways and Lighting Company
37. It was restored, at a cost of £700, in 1871, when a north of stone was added.
38. In 1846 the north and vestry were demolished and a new of five bays with a vestry at its west end was built in its place.
39. In the south is a trefoil-headed piscina.
40. A store in the of Man opened in December 2011.

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