Confused Words: advice vs advise

1. He laugh'd and thank'd me, and said he would take my .
2. You may me how to walk amid the dangers which encompass me."
3. `I thought so,'replied Emmanuel;`but I wished to have your .'
4. They strongly against using strong opioids.
5. ``Ah, then, you wish to ask of me?''
6. ``Do you seriously ask my , Valentine?''
7. But the ancestors can only him, the children must find the solution themselves.
8. Under his , other political prisoners are released.
9. You deliberately me not to go up to Soho and offer myself my self, Stryver of the King's Bench bar?''
10. Follow my , swear, and do not insult.''
11. ``Then let me offer one more word of .''
12. ``You are wrong; you must me what to do.''
13. Come fresh up to the lessons, I you, for I come fresh up to the punishment.
14. ``What line would you me to study?''
15. ``Speak, and I will follow your .''
16. I told them once, I told them twice: They would not listen to .
17. But let me you to think better of it.
18. It was done with the collaboration and the of the GIGN.
19. ``Then I should you to leave off wearing that style of dress.''
20. My opinion is confirmed, and I reiterate my .''
21. ``Be careful; is worse than a service.''
22. 'You can't possibly do that,' said the Rose: '_I_ should you to walk the other way.'
23. ``Listen; this is not a command, but I give you.''
24. Did I your father to sell the castle of Yanina to betray''``Silence!''
25. Oh, if you refuse my ''``What do you advise?''
26. ``You do not find it easy to me?''
27. Both gave their and blessing for Lama Palmo's projects.
28. I put the case into your hands and shall do exactly what you ."
29. In English, a ship is traditionally referred to as "she", even if named after a man, but this is not universal usage; some journalistic style guides using "it", others "she" and "her".
30. ``I assure you, madam,''he replied,``that she does not need such .
31. Having no mother, she had no one to her at such a crisis."
32. ``Well, M. de Villefort, how would you me to act?''
33. ``Then you me to go alone to Beauchamp?''
34. You are a pretty fellow to object and !''
35. ``Do you ask me for my , Mr. Stryver?''
36. ``But,''said Andrea,``why do you not act on the you gave me?
37. ``Yes,''she said,``at your I have made the trial.''
38. There is one point on which I want your .
39. Oh, if you refuse my ''``What do you advise?''
40. I don't know quite what to do, and I should value your .

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